Cornerstone Gym

Cassandra Orefice


Professional dancers are know to bring an abundance of knowledge, movement philosophy, energy and grace. Cassandra brings a bit more to the table because of her tenacity, flare and passion. Born into a family of athletes, she grew up surrounded by exercise. Her parents owned and operated a holistic wellness center/gym in Portland, Washington. She started dancing at the age of three, and is now a professional contemporary dancer and aerialist. She lived in her parents wellness center and absorbed information from the Therapists, Trainers, Martial Artists and her Dance Coaches.

With all the endorphins and confidence pumping in her veins she ventured out into pageants and acting. Cassandra held three titles in the Miss America Scholarship Pageant and placed top talent at Miss Washington 2010. She burst onto the NYC Fitness scene via Equinox and quickly crescendoed to the top. She brings a fresh and intriguing approach to personal training. She enjoys training both men and women.

Cassandra's Certifications:

N.C.F.S- Certified Personal Trainer
American Red Cross- CPR and First Aid