Cornerstone Gym




Our team is made up of highly trained licensed professionals from a wide range of disciplines. We are a hidden treasure in Chelsea, NYC and a second home to some of the City’s elite athletes, martial artists, MMA fighters, Olympians, dancers, models, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs—and those who are looking to push their boundaries. Our coveted fitness classes comprise the second arm of Cornerstone. These are tailored around our fitness concept of the micro-progression principle: In order to reach higher levels of performance, we need to incrementally challenge our muscle systems. We are able to break through fitness thresholds by cross-training and addressing our weaknesses in a way that enhances physical condition, not breaks it down. 





As the name implies, our War and Peace class is an amalgamation of two contrasting training techniques. We've combined High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and slow twitch muscle training.

War & Peace helps clients tap into the raw, aggressive, high energy components of their nature while challenging your ability to focus, connect with your muscles and breath correctly. Even the music is bi-polar with fast /heavy bass hits mixed with feel good music to keep you pushing. Get the group fitness setting without the mosh pit feel of other places. Our class is capped at 8 people to ensure you receive proper instructions and attention!

The juxtaposition of fast/explosive and slow/controlled exercises creates a heightened state of connection in the body. By increasing your muscle contribution, you'll burn more calories, and see faster results. The class utilizes strength training, plyometrics, TRX suspension training, kettlebells and a ton of core exercises.

Kemetic Yoga

Kemetic Yoga, is a yoga discipline based out of ancient Egypt. Some of the yoga poses done in Kemetic Yoga can be seen on many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The poses are based on the gods and goddesses in Kemet(Egypt), but also helping bringing the body, mind, and spirit, to a place of great enlightenment.

The Kemetic style is interesting in that the pace and poses challenges the body different than traditional yoga styles. There's a huge emphasis on toning your muscles while increasing your overall flexibility. Feel strong, powerful and graceful within the same session. Traditional yoga poses are also amalgamated with the Kemetic positions making it a cool alternative for hardcore yogis and novice clients.


The nostalgia runs high at our Gym Class! Squats-Lunges-High Knees-Push Ups-Sit Ups- Jumping Jacks! We've combined all the best components of a gym class, added music and more advanced exercises. This class is perfect for clients looking to build a great fitness base, loose weight/get lean, improve their technique and stamina. At the end of the month, clients compete against each other and our staff for their personal best score in each event.