Cornerstone Gym

Mike Espinal


Michael Espinal brings energy and charisma to everything he does. Michael grew up playing sports and is a native New Yorker. Michael was on a mechanical engineering route. He loved cars, worked with Mercedes for a few years before switching over to the banking field. Like a lot of people in Banking and Finance he began to realize his passion lied elsewhere. The effects of working out after work and intramural sports brought him nothing but euphoria. Right after the 08/09 meltdown, he poured his soul into the fitness industry and instantly reached NYC's elite circle of personal trainers. Michael has worked at several premier health clubs and amalgamates several training styles. Michael cross trains, enjoys traveling, fine dining and museums.

Michael's Certifications:

N.C.F.S.- Certified Personal Trainer
C.F.S.C.- Certified Functional Strength Coach
American Red Cross- CPR and First Aid