Cornerstone Gym

Steven Rousseau


Steven Rousseau is a top tier NYC Fitness Professional. He's considered a one stop shop for clients. He's crossed disciplined as a Personal Trainer, Holistic Nutrionist, and a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor. Born and raised in NYC, he's the last of a dying breed. He's an industry veteran with over 12 years experience and a client list filled with celebrities and socialites.

Steven hails from a sports and martial arts family. He has a track and field/football background at the collegiate and high school levels. He's a world traveler, reads a lot and knows how to create balance in life. Steven is a student of knowledge and philosophy as well. He attends a 2 week Kemetic Yoga seminar every year in Egypt. He maintains a vegan lifestyle and meditates often.

Steven holds the the following credentials:

B.S. Physical Education
N.A.S.M.- Certified Personal Trainer
R.Y.T. - Kemetic Yoga Instructor
A.F.P.A.- Holistic Nutritionist
American Red Cross- C.P.R. and First Aid